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Beijing sharply raised the stakes in the confrontation to Washington on the “Huawei”, making a hostage situation the canadian government. In addition to a series of arrests of Canadians in China has become a death sentence against one of them. If the conflict is not resolved, the worse happens. Canada has already appealed for help to Finland. And in China remembered the “Nord stream — 2”.

During the cold war Finland has acted as a mediator between Moscow and Washington in resolving particularly difficult and sometimes crisis. A separate line leads the way with a 1975 summit at the highest level, the results of which was signed the famous Declaration of Helsinki, aimed at easing relations between the Western and Eastern blocks.

After 43 years is still the same Helsinki hosted the summit Putin-trump. Signing any important documents it is not marked, but is still the only platform on which the Russian and the American delegation had extensive and detailed negotiations.

China felt vulnerable spot USA

Now help the Finns urgently needed America to resolve the conflict with the other superpower — China. In this case, “America” in the continental sense. Formally conflict with Beijing and Ottawa, but Canadians are the executors of the will of Washington. And they have good reason to think over whether to perform this role in the future, because now they look like hostages of the situation due to “dirty games” of the United States.

Newspaper OPINION wrote extensively about the case in Wanzhou man arrested in Canada (where her husband lives) at the request of the United States. Mrs. man — CFO and Deputy CEO of Huawei, one of the world leaders in the telecommunications industry and the flagship of the Chinese economy. In addition, she is a native daughter and the most probable successor of the head and founder of the conglomerate Jen Jenvey. Her popularity at home as “excellence in entrepreneurship” and a public figure second only to the popularity of his father.

Arrest man the Americans achieve two goals at once.

First, they run in the most rigid mode of sanctions pressure. Formal complaint to the top Manager of Huawei — a violation of U.S. trade restrictions against Iran (that is, canadian laws may not be violated).

Secondly, the American government has been fighting with himself holding Huawei. Nominally, because of fears that the company’s products can be used by Chinese intelligence agencies for espionage (both “traditional” and industrial). However, much more credible is the explanation that we are talking about a fight with a competitor (a major competitors Huawei is an American Apple and Korean Amipd) market non-market methods.

At the moment the man is in the house of her husband, she was released on bail, limiting the right to movement. Before the court decision on her case she may not leave the territory of Canada. Will give it in the US or not is an open question.

It was clear that Beijing will make every effort to release lady man. There is no doubt that he is ready to act tough. It turned out that harshly.

Chinese law enforcement officers responded to a series of arrests of canadian citizens. The first sign was a former senior canadian diplomat Michael Covrig, whose story the newspaper VIEW already dismantled. The Chinese authorities do not recognize that between the arrests Mae and Kovriga there is a connection, accusing the latter of “actions that threaten state security of China”. However, the fact that you’re still there, and video, no doubt, it seems nobody.

A somewhat more doubtful case of another canadian — Michael Spavor, which put forward similar charges. The fact that Spawar worked in China in a very peculiar business tourism and cultural exchange, not only with Canada but also with North Korea. And with the DPRK official in Beijing, despite the Alliance, relations are extremely complex, and close to paranoia on the grounds of espionage.

All in all since the beginning of the scandal in China was arrested on 13 canadian citizens, 8 of which, however, already released. But the last straw that forced Ottawa to seek the assistance of the Finns, was the case of Lloyd Schellenberg, who at the time of arrest may has pronounced a sentence — 15 years in prison with subsequent deportation from China for participating in the smuggling 220 kilograms of methamphetamine.

Schellenberg, we were unlucky. He appealed, hoping for a reduced sentence. But then Mei was arrested, and suddenly the appeal was supported by the Chinese Prosecutor’s office “on again opened circumstances”. New sentence imposed by the court for the middle stage of Dalian — the death penalty.

Such harsh sentences to foreigners in China could not stand for nearly a decade. When this threat is extremely serious — in December 2009 for drug trafficking in China was executed British citizen Akmal Shaikh, and no amount of protests and threats from London did not help him.

A review of the sentence Schellenberg forced the canadian government to two urgent measures. Foreign Affairs Canada has changed the official rating travel of Canadians to China with “normal security level” to “high risk”, to put it simply, you are strongly encouraged to refrain from visits to China. And the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau immediately called the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö, which — what luck — on Tuesday was the scheduled state visit to China. And again, as in the case of the Russian-American conflict, the official Helsinki has agreed to act as a mediator.

But now, apparently, the mediation fails.

“China has its own view of events, and they adhere to it,” said Niinistö journalist after protracted negotiations with President XI Jinping. However, he did not specify for what it matter, the negotiations dragged on, but acknowledged that Trudeau he did call and that is especially long he and XI “discussed the question concerning human rights.”

If the Finnish President was advised “not to shake a pointer” before the Chinese, making it clear that they are serious. Earlier Trudeau, speaking in Ottawa, called the actions of China in relation to Schellenberg, “tyranny”.

Trudeau now not to be envied. If all the recent events will not lead to what may be released with an apology to his Homeland, he will have to explain to voters why he sacrificed the life of a canadian citizen, serving the interests of the United States. Because canadian laws may, again, did not break.

Most likely, not violate it and American. Mei believe the person advocating the meticulous observance of all American restrictions, because the costs of this seriously harm the business, and business is important.

That is, neither she nor Huawei as a whole is not determined to war with the USA until recently canadian. A good illustration of arrest of another top Manager of the company, this time in Poland. Vagina Vang, accused of spying, also in his case taken into custody a former employee of the Polish intelligence service. The reaction Huawei: Vigina simply dismissed, stressing that he acted on his own initiative and launched a Chinese conglomerate reputational damage.

Simply put, the Chinese are willing to go “to the world” and with Canada, and even the U.S. (apparently, the Donald trump of Beijing perceived as a serious but temporary problem, hoping for his departure after the first term). However, freedom is such a valuable frame as may not a reason for compromise. If it is released, there will be blood.

Thus the confrontation between China and America are ready to move from the stage of hostage-taking to the stage of executions of the hostages. On the side of Beijing iron argument: the USA has started trying to subjugate not only their own, but their jurisdiction and the rest of the world.

You need to understand that in this war China is fighting for us, too. If will justify itself sanctions the US pressure on Iran with the arrests of third country nationals in the fourth, the same format war for markets will be applied against Russia.

Not by chance the official representative of the foreign Ministry of China Hua Chunying said on Tuesday: the United States and other countries should respect the right of companies to make their own decision on cooperation with companies from other countries, including the “Nord stream — 2”. Thus, she made it clear that Beijing and Moscow are now in the same boat and talking about our common problems and our common opposition to the “world’s policeman” who cares not about the “world of justice”, about their own economic interests.

By the way, Viktor Bout, who is serving in the US 25-year prison sentence, I am sure that China’s tactics in this situation — the only correct one. And it’s worth paying attention to in Russia. “I’m not just saying that we don’t need to be like the Americans and use their methods. But for now, the other option to stop the arrests of Russians in the third countries have not,” he said.

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