The rupture of relations with Google and Huawei is able to provoke a deficit in the smartphone market, said leading analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin. According to him, in the first place consumers will feel the lack of devices from Apple and Huawei.

According to experts, the fact that Google, following U.S. sanctions broke the contract with Huawei, the evidence of “drastic” redistribution of the market. At the same Murtazin said that the measures taken against Huawei, is likely to have a negative impact on Apple.

“I think that China will respond harshly to the sanctions. You have to understand that Apple is 99% dependent on production chains in China. As a result, serious danger hung over the American company,” — said the expert.

The result, says Murtazin, the price of smartphones these companies will grow significantly, than take advantage of other players in the market: in particular, Xiaomi, and Samsung, the latter of which has already increased orders for the production of mobile devices by 40%.

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump instructed the Minister of Commerce to prohibit transactions in the field of information technology, threatening U.S. national security. As a result, in the “black list” were Huawei and 70 of her units. Now, U.S. companies will need to obtain a special license to sell Huawei equipment. For this reason, Google has suspended cooperation with Huawei until then, until you deal with the consequences of the decision of the authorities.

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