The publication of the Information has shared information about the fact that Apple is continually reinforces security measures in the factories of Chinese partners. Especially for this cupertinos hire former military intelligence officers who are fluent in the Chinese language, and supervise the inspectors. Last weekly visit the Chinese factory inspections.

According to the publication, Apple has within a few years of use of former intelligence officers. At some time in the special team consisted of about 30 people. Recently, however, the cupertinos have shifted some responsibilities for third-party contractors.

In recent years, specialists have prevented many attempts to make different iPhone components outside the factories. Apple quickly realized that the workers are willing to go to almost any trick in order to steal even the most simple detail. Components hiding in clothes, underwear, metal shavings, various operating items, etc. Once the security staff even found a small tunnel that workers dug in one of the rooms. It was planned to smuggle the individual components of the device beyond the factory.

Only in the last few years, security measures in the factories of partner companies, Apple was markedly enhanced. Now checks not only employees, but also with garbage bags and containers with the items. However, many parts have their unique identification numbers that allow you to track the item to a specific Assembly line.

In addition, Apple has begun to punish partners for major leaks significant monetary penalties. According to sources, they can reach several million dollars. However, Foxconn, these rules do not apply.


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