The Agency said that the introduction of spy chips occurred in the Chinese factories when you build hardware are Supermicro, one of the largest global suppliers of motherboards. Further microchipped device received, became part of the internal company servers and there spied.

The intended target of the hackers was to obtain data for at least these two companies. Bloomberg said that the hackers known from 2015, the authorities are investigating, but details about some really stolen data yet.

All three mentioned in the message of the company swiftly issued statements. Amazon said that such was not and could not be: the company’s strategy eliminates the possibility of such actions. In the Apple was more extensive, noting that the company previously knew about such suspicion, the fact they conducted an internal investigation, the spy chips thoroughly searched, but never found. Information was not confirmed, moreover in the Apple called the actions of journalists sloppy (inaccurate). Finally at Supermicro said that the investigation conducted by the FBI or some other government bodies do not know anything.

The FBI currently has not commented on the situation.

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