Moscow, March 6 — “Conduct. Economy.” Chinese online retailers have begun to reduce prices on the iPhone for the second time this year, as Apple Inc is facing a prolonged slowdown in sales in the world’s largest smartphone market, reports Reuters.


Company Suning.Com Co Ltd, is a engaged in retail trade gadgets, said it will reduce the price of iPhone XS 1 thousand yuan ($148,95) compared to its official price. Suning has reduced prices on other models of the iPhone in January, along with other retailers, but this decline has not affected the iPhone XS.

Pinduoduo Inc, working in the field of e-Commerce and the most known for selling inexpensive goods, also said it will sell the iPhone XS for 6,999 thousand yuan, which is 1 thousand yuan less than the official prices.

Giant e-Commerce Inc announced that it will offer skidki on a range of Apple products including the iPhone XS and XS Max, the latter will be sold with a discount of up to 1.7 million yuan. As Suning, did not reduce the cost of the iPhone XS after the first major round of reductions in January.

As reported “Vesti. Economy”, in the IV quarter of 2018, Apple has recorded a drop in deliveries in China 19.9%, although it managed to stay in the top five in sales of mobile gadgets in the country.

The CEO of the American Corporation, Tim cook explained the decline in sales weakness in the Chinese economy. However, analysts believe that he could hide some strategic mistakes in the world’s largest smartphone market and eventually faced stiff competition from ever-improving Chinese Android smartphones.

In addition, the Chinese manufacturers sell gadgets at a fraction of the Apple, where the cost of production often exceeds $1 thousand.

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