Apple representatives to study the information that students from the Chinese city of Chongqing were sent to the factory for the production of the Apple Watch as a training practice. While young people said that they will not issue diplomas, if they refuse this work, according to Apple Insider.

Apple employees began an investigation after the incident they informed the representatives of the Hong Kong organization for the protection of human rights Sacom.

According to human rights activists, 28 high school students from Chongqing complained to them that the teacher sent them to work in Apple factory, ostensibly as a practice. The students worked along with other employees of the factory, they were forced to pull the night shift and process. The latter is prohibited by law.

Some young people worked six days a week, 11 students said that they will not issue diplomas, if they refuse to work. One of the respondents said that about 120 children of his Parallels is already working in the Apple factory.

Employees Sacom argue that students illegally hired Taiwanese Apple supplier Quanta Computer.

Students added that their work in the factory, which they described as monotonous and exhausting, had no relation to what they studied in school.

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