Now, many Chinese users iMessage suffer from the huge amount of spam. As reported by Weibo, basically it is advertising illegal gambling.

The popularity of iMessage as a tool for spam, apparently, is that via SMS or impossible. It is responsible for the three major mobile operator China – they simply block unwanted text with keywords.

However, this trio can’t do the same with iMessage, as the messenger is fully protected. When Apple was asked for comment, representatives said feature, using which users can block unwanted callers.

Fight Apple for spam

The scale of the problem in China is unknown, but it seems serious. But for Apple, the problem of spam is not new – the company has long been discussing it with the government of India, which criticized the IT giant for inaction.

Perhaps, China is not held – the authorities strongly oppose any encryption and periodically conflict with WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and others, so this mass spam attack is a good pretext to block iMessage.


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