For anybody not a secret that the A series processors that Apple uses in its iOS devices offer superior performance and energy efficiency. But this year, the company’s engineers was virtually impossible — according to experts AnandTech, which conducted a thorough review of the new system on a chip, the Apple A12 Bionic in its architecture and technology comparable with the best representatives of desktop processors.

Autumn Apple presentation, when talking about the new mobile CPU A12, representatives of the company promised us that the two high-performance cores of the chip will work up to 15% faster than A11, and four energy-efficient cores will be able to 50% more efficient to conserve battery power when working with undemanding tasks. How these statements correspond to reality?

In order to obtain a complete picture of the performance of new system on a chip Apple experts AnandTech first tested using a comprehensive benchmark SPECint2006. The benchmark is known that gives the most comprehensive information on all possible aspects of microarchitecture, due to tests that are conducted in a variety of tasks.

The results of testing the new items was the following: Apple A12 was faster than the predecessor by an average of 40% percent. While in some problems the increase was practically by 2 times. According to the publication, the processor Apple to bypass a similar solutions from ARM and Samsung, thanks to the ability of the memory subsystem to perform operations in fewer cycles than previously.

The marketing Department of Apple, apparently, diminish the merits of the new chip, leading figures in 15%. In fact, the increase in performance compared to Apple A11 amounted to about 40%. While that SoC from Apple can not compete with the best desktop processors, but it’s safe to say that the difference between them was quite small.

Recall that the CPU A12 Bionic is the first massive chip with a 7-nanometer technological process. Today, in this area with the American company can compete only with your Huawei Kirin 980. However, the Chinese manufacturer is still not officially introduced the smartphone is equipped with a data chip, which certainly gives Apple a head start.

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