It will be released in the App Store February 4, 2019 and will be available both on smartphones and smartwatches from Apple. The app promises a workout plan for home or gym, lasting from 20 to 40 minutes, Boxing, yoga, weight training, MMA and much more. The training plan you can make depending on your level, from beginner to professional. The app will not only exercises but also nutritional tips, which will update each week. Users will be able to choose a diet depending on the preferred type of power — thus, vegetarians, vegans and people with gluten intolerance will also be able to customize a diet for yourself. Separately, the app promises to do psychological comfort of users, offering them a meditation expert tips for stress relief-community support and visualization for the best diving in the dream. Download the app will be free, but after a seven-day trial period, user will be charged a monthly fee in the amount of 16 dollars, and the annual fee will be $ 96.

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