As it turned out, this is painfully simple.

The weakening of the ruble, new sanctions of the USA and the General negative news background make the Russians nervous and fear for the safety of their rouble savings. According to the latest statistical calculations from banks, many Russians prefer to act and translate a part of savings in precious metals. Particularly active cardholders of Sberbank, who have the ability to buy gold, silver, platinum or palladium in just a minute directly from the mobile app for iOS or Android.

The experts support competent actions

Russian experts and bankers say that many Russians do surprisingly properly. According to them, the transfer of the money in precious metals or currencies is the safest way to maintain and increase the savings.

Experts believe that the increase in the number of deposits was influenced by the negative experience of previous years. So, before the currency crisis of 2014 in Russia, not all seriously considered the possibility of getting rid of rubles.

The activity was strongly influenced by the simplification

Over the past several years Russian banks have significantly simplified the process of buying precious metals, experts stress. Almost all the leading banks make it online, including from mobile applications. However, the procedure is simplified not everywhere — banks still have room to grow.

Translation roubles in precious metals is profitable?

Storage savings in precious metals is a proven method of time, say financial experts. Economist Alexey Vyazovskiy gave specific figures. In 2017, the price of gold increased 10% in dollars, in 2018, the trend continues. “Profitability is clearly more than a Bank Deposit, and many times,” said Vyazovskiy.

Nevertheless, the Russians should be stored in precious metals is only part of the savings. The reason is that the precious metals market swings.

Below are the rate of gold over the last year. It is easy to notice in the spring, he fell heavily, but, to date, recovered.

The situation is similar for silver:

And palladium:

How to translate roubles in precious metals for a minute?

Many Russian banks allow you to transfer rubles in precious metals online. The procedure is the most simplified “savings”, but in General the process is most often identical. In order to transfer part of your ruble savings in precious metals in the “savings Bank” just go to the mobile app and choose to purchase precious metals. Next, the application will ask you to select a specific precious metal and the amount you intend to make a purchase.

No additional agreements to sign is not necessary. The trip to the office as required. For many such simplified services and will serve as a saving while maintaining the savings in the crisis period. In addition, given the stability of precious metals, it is not only about preservation but also about the multiplication of funds.


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