Do not believe unscrupulous resources.

In the last two days in the vast Russian Internet is actively spreading information about the fact that “Sberbank” has started to take a Commission for removal of cash in any ATM. This shocking customers of “Sberbank” the news is published everywhere in the major news aggregators, and social networks. Moreover, in the popular instant messengers Viber and WhatsApp even got a mailing informing Russians about the bad news. Should we believe this? Fortunately, no.

Dissemination of a publication called “Sberbank introduced a single tax of 1% for cash withdrawals from Bank cards” began in early August 2018. But in the last two days she noticed the most “yellow” of information resources, who instantly caught it. As a result, the Internet is filled messages about the introduction of a tax on cash withdrawals and reviews from owners experiencing.

To the delight of all the clients of Sberbank, such a tax was not introduced (and it hardly ever happens). You can verify this very easily. On the official website of “Sberbank” clearly indicates that rules have not changed. With debit cards without a fee, you can shoot up to 150 000 rubles per day. If the client needs to remove a large amount, then the Commission will be 0.5%. Comission of 1% is removed when you withdraw money from the card Sberbank ATMs of other banks.

For credit cards the situation is somewhat different. Cash withdrawals will incur a 3% in ATMs of “Sberbank” and 4% in other banks ‘ ATMs. Such rules have “savings” are long and there are no preconditions to ensure that the Bank will suddenly begin to take a Commission of 1% for all clients.

In order to further reassure customers official representatives of “Sberbank” made a special statement:

“The Bank has not changed the tariffs for cash withdrawal at ATMs. Redistributable some fake resources information is untrue”.

Thus, the “yellow” Russian “press” to such an extent brainwashed Russians that “savings” had to reassure customers.

Earlier it was reported that clients of Sberbank have become much more proactive rubles in precious metals during the crisis. One of the reasons activity is that the Bank allows you to do this for a minute directly from the mobile application.


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