The clients of Sberbank using iPhone, got the opportunity to create their own quick commands Siri to recharge your mobile phone via Sberbank Online, transfer money to Bank client and other actions.

As explained in the credit institution’s Siri Shortcuts, quick commands or Siri, you can create a voice assistant Apple to automate frequently-performed on the iPhone action. With the advent of the iOS operating system 12 in September 2018 quick commands Siri became available for owners of all iPhone models starting from iPhone 5s.

Configured fast team works in the following way. For example, Siri by uttering the phrase “recharge my mobile”, the user activates the command that launches the application “Sberbank Online”. After logging in, the app opens the screen of the mobile phone user. Will remain to indicate the amount and complete the transaction.

To be able to specify a command that you want to make sure that the system is updated to iOS 12, and at least once to make the desired action in the “Sberbank Online” — for example, to recharge a cell phone. After that, the action will be active for use in Siri Shortcuts.

To create a team you need to go to iPhone settings, section “Siri and search, select All easy command”. On this screen you need to find the “Sberbank Online”, choose the action and make him a voice command. For this phrase in the future will run the desired action. You can create your own team and for other action: transfer to a client of the Bank, go to the search screen in the app or on the search screen of the fines.

To use Siri Shortcuts for “Sberbank Online” is possible after updating the app to the current version.

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