Steve Wozniak deleted his page on Facebook almost a year ago, right after the Internet exploded the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica. After these events it became clear that private companies use personal user data for manipulation. Such which, for example, the whole world watched during the U.S. presidential election in 2016. Ever since Facebook appeared in many similar scandals, including genocide in Myanmar.

What about the Apple co-founder, Who said that he is extremely concerned about the invasion of privacy on the part of large technology companies, and he has no idea how it can be stopped. “They can measure your heartbeat using laser sensors or to overhear the conversations of users using various mobile devices. Who knows listening if someone my smartphone right now? So I worry, we all have conversations that we wouldn’t want anyone to overhear,” — said Steve Wozniak.

According to Who, it understands the people who are giving up their privacy in exchange for convenience from the use of social networks, maps and other applications designed to make life easier. But he reckons the camp of the resistance, who is unable to sacrifice privacy because of their ability trying to fight the all-consuming corporations.

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