The journalist of Business Insider analyzed the three most popular cloud storage – iCloud, DropBox and Google Drive – and called it the best.

Despite the fact that all three cloud storage provides a different amount of memory, prices are almost the same. Fortunately, each “cloud” there is a free version.


DropBox is one of the most popular online stores on the market. Under your account 2 GB are free.

For $ 9.99 per month you can connect a Pro account and get 1 TB of memory with the possibility of offline access. 2 TB will cost of 19.99 dollars.

The DropBox interface is quite complicated. The newcomer needs time to figure things out. But sharing files is very simple – they can send to friends, putting the e-mail address, or send a quick link leading to the file. The lifetime of links can be limited in time or to set a password.


The first 5 GB are free. This volume is quite enough to store your favorite photos or documents.

50 GB will cost us $ 0.99 per month, 200 GB at 2.99 dollar, and 2 TB of “cloud” iCloud can be purchased for 9.99 dollars per month.

By installing the application, to connect to this “cloud” in Windows.

Share files easily, in this respect, iCloud storage like DropBox.

Google Drive

By registering an account in Gmail, the user gets 15 GB of “cloud” Google Drive for free. 1.99 dollars per month you can purchase 100 GB. All who lack this volume, it is possible to buy 2 TB for $ 9.99 per month and 10 TB for 99.99 per month.

The “cloud” can be installed on any mobile device or computer. But you can’t edit documents, you have to download Google Sheets.

Navigation in Google Drive is very simple and no problem. Here you can also share files with anyone. The feature of this server that by sending the document, the user can leave comments or notes thereto.

Comparing three “clouds” – iCloud, DropBox and Google Drive – according to various indicators, the author gave preference to Google Drive.


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