Competition for travelers with valuable prizes will be held in Moscow in the framework of the festival “St. Nicholas day” which will be held in the capital from 17 to 19 may, said the press service of the organizing Committee of the festival.

“The rules are simple: participants have to write a short story about traveling in Russia and to share their dreams on what interesting sights they wish to visit, make paper boat and then put in the Instagram photo with this ship and your story, putting the hashtags #Nikander and #Moscowstate”, — stated in the message.

About a new contest on their pages on Instagram have already said actor Andrey Merzlikin, host of a popular television Galina Rzhaksinsky and Evsey Kovalev and showman Ivan Chuikov.

The contest will continue until may 19. On this day, will be selected three winners, whose names will be known on may 20. Each of them will get a prize — an Apple iPad. In addition, the star promised to share with the winners of its ideas for the upcoming journey, to tell what better to take along for the ride and what places to include in the route.

Site of the capital of the festival “St. Nicholas day” which will be held from 17 to 19 may, will decorate an unusual interactive ships of several types: ships requests, ships and ships games for kids, 18. This contest is not accidentally timed to the celebration of the memory of the most revered in Russia Saint — Nicholas. Traditionally in Russia, he was considered the patron of all travelers, helping them on the road, and even calmed a storm.

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