Recently the employees of the company TechInsights not only has disassembled the new iPhone Xs Max, but also examined all the main components of the device. They also calculated the approximate cost of the components needed to create iPhone Xs Max. According to estimates that Apple spends on components to build one 6.5-inch smartphone with the SSD on 256 GB — 443 dollar.

The most expensive component is the screen. TechInsights experts claim that it costs Apple a little more than $ 80. About 72 dollars worth of chip A12 Bionic and modem. The memory module costs the cupertinos to $ 64, and the housing and all the basic mechanical elements – in $ 55.

If you believe the estimates TechInsights, Apple spends about 35% of the retail price of the iPhone Xs Max on accessories. However, the remaining funds are net profit. The final cost of the device is influenced by other costs. For example, the price includes the cost of software development, the Assembly of the device, logistics, etc. But even so, Apple’s earnings should be high enough. According to industry analyst reports, today cupertinos receive more than half of all profits in the global mobile market.


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