Recently the American non-profit organization “Consumers Union” in its monthly magazine called Consumer Reports published a fairly detailed overview of Apple’s new wireless headphones.

It is worth noting that Consumer Reports always pretty cool to the AirPods. In this respect, the new model is no exception. According to the authors of the review, AirPods Pro began to sound noticeably better, but the quality of sound they’re still inferior to the Galaxy Buds.

One of the most interesting features of AirPods Pro authors Consumer Reports recognized the Transparency mode. After activating this option appear in the headphones sounds from the environment. Apple didn’t invent this feature, but on the Pro it works particularly well.

In the end, Consumer Reports has evaluated the AirPods Pro on 75 points. For comparison, Galaxy Buds scored 86 points. However, the authors of Consumer Reports recognize that AirPods Pro are the best choice for owners of the iPhone and other Apple devices.


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