One of the main problems a new category of mobile devices, bendable smartphones — to protect the flexible screen from damage. In conventional apparatus used tempered glass, but flexible like Samsung Galaxy or Huawei Mate Fold X, it is still necessary to rely on special polymers, which are not so reliable. Corning, whose tempered glass is used in most flagship smartphones, promises to solve this problem in the next two years.

Corning chief Executive John Bain said in an interview with Wired that the company is working on flexible protective glass. According to him, the main problem is to make the coating thin and flexible, while not sacrificing strength. Currently, the company has set a goal to create a strong glass thickness of 0.1 mm, which could without damage be bent on a circle with a radius of 3-5 mm.

In 2017 it became known, The Verge notes that Apple has invested in Corning 200 million dollars to support, including research and development. According to a number of patents of “Apple” of the company, the company for several years, explores the possibilities of production of flexible electronics, and, according to rumors, the company plans to release a flexible smartphone already in 2020 year.

Corning already prosodic flexible glass Willow Glass, however, the screens can not use it. The fact that the production process requires immersion in a saline solution, which would lead to corrosion of electronic components.

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