Last week, the 27-year-old resident of Georgia pleaded guilty in hacking Apple accounts belonging to celebrities and the abduction of thousands of dollars from their accounts.

According to the publication The Verge, with the help of phishing Kwamain Jerell Ford (Kwamaine Jerell Ford) got the credentials of dozens of stars of show business and professional sports, including NBA players and NFL. The victims ‘ names, the publication does not disclose.

From the email address similar to the address of the company Apple, the scammer sent the victims emails claiming to be from technical support. Using the received credentials Ford are logged in to the accounts of the victims and took control over them by resetting passwords. Seizing someone else’s account, the scammer started to spend the victim’s money, in particular, bought furniture and paid for the trip.

In April last year, Ford was indicted on six counts of fraud with use of means of communications, computer fraud, unauthorized access to electronic devices and fraud with identification. Last week the defendant agreed only with two counts of murder and confessed to computer fraud and fraud with identification. Sentencing is scheduled for summer this year.

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