Despite the large number of different changes that has brought iOS 13, many users unhappy that Apple is not too much improved interface of the system. For example, iPhone owners think that it is time to revise the standard dialer and interface Siri. Interestingly, work in the latter direction recently confirmed Vice-President of Apple on software development Craig Federighi.

In response to a letter from one of the users Craig Federighi noted that Apple has the intention to recycle the menu, bring up Siri, so that it no longer covers the entire screen and does not interfere with the user to interact with the system.

However, Craig Federighi also said that such changes are not made at the last minute. So expect that something similar will appear in the final version of iOS 13 it is not necessary. However, it is possible that Siri will be improved in one of the major updates for iOS iOS 13 or 14. On the exact terms to speak while early.


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