The Podcast “Norm”

Daria Cherkudinova and Anastasia Kurgan journalists who long worked together in the publication of the Village. They wanted to create a joint project. They became in 2017 podcast “Norm”. According to Daria, from idea to writing the first issue took several months.

The format of the podcast “Norm” is the dialogue between the leading and invited experts with periodic inserts of stories. The issues raised are relevant and eternal themes: friendship, love, separation, relationships with parents, money and their own appearance.

The first podcast is listened to in week three thousand people. Now one issue collects 35-50 thousand times per month.

Recently Anastasia and Daria has launched a new podcast “Made myself” in partnership with one of Russian banks. To find a partner friend helped leading marketer Ksenia Krasilnikova. The project was joined by former Deputy chief editor of “Secret” Oleg Khokhlov. The podcast is built on communication with well-known businessmen who once were heroes edition.

Daria Cherkudinova, host of the podcast “Norm”:

The podcast “Norm” began with a conversation in the kitchen. Nastya and I put the recorder and began to discuss something. A couple of times we did so, and on the third time it happened, as we then thought, not bad. The first five editions of the “Rules” we recorded on tape.

The Creator of the podcast needs to earn what he produces. We’ve been working with the information, know our reader and listener. I think this should bring some dividends.

The average price of advertising integration in the podcast — about 40 thousand rubles. But there is a small and lovely to us brands, which we are willing to make allowances. We have a fairly flexible pricing policy.

We use the SoundCloud platform — it gathers statistics from other platforms, but not entirely correct. More or less accurate statistics gives only the Apple.

I often have to tell at dinner parties the personal stories people with whom I know little. Apparently, after discussing personal topics in releases, they have a feeling that I am their close friend. But I don’t mind, I like it.

The tools of promotion of the podcast is social networks friendly media, telegram channels and so on. Podcasts are difficult to distribute, because the search there is not keyword, but the name of the podcast that you need to know in advance.

Now every week on the market there are about five or six new podcasts. However, it is unclear how quickly the growing number of students. I think people just don’t have time to listen to every new release. However, I think podcasts will blow mediamir, history will repeat with YouTube. I believe in this format, it is convenient for consumption.

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