“Bonus” may be paid subscription, GOOD’ok and other amenities that employees of shops discreetly to sell to gullible purchasers, and the charged money will have to return through the courts.

For several months, “MTS” and “MegaFon” offer users a great deal on exchanging old smartphones for new. A tempting offer is valid all over Russia and anyone who owns a smartphone and has a Russian passport. Exchange possible models of such famous brands as Apple, Samsung, Sony and LG.

The participation conditions are very simple. Bring the smartphone in the salon of mobile communication “MTS” and “MegaFon”. Employee assesses the device. And then give an opinion about the price of rental mobile, depending on its condition and age. So for Sony Xperia XZs about 13 thousand, and for LG G6 is about 8 thousand rubles. Next you need to choose the desired model, and to pay the remaining difference. Special offer extended until the end of this year.

The General partner of the company Smartprice. Used phones will be refurbished and recovered, after which they again sell with a warranty period of 90 days in other countries.

It is noteworthy that earlier action already took place in the USA and Europe and the timing of these regions was fairly short. In Russia, however, originally the event was announced before 30 June, and then extended it for another six months. Probably the Russians ignores the offer of the “big three” which include “the Messenger”, so the timing was doubled.

A tempting offer could be a trap, which in the end will cost too much. In the Network there are thousands of reports of fraudulent schemes that use the sellers of salons of mobile communication and the operator. The most common were complaints about the forced connection of melodies on a call, paid subscriptions and fraud on the Internet. All of these “benefits” cost the Russians not so much to each incident to go to court, and given the number of subscribers to mobile operators that brings a very good income, so trust them zero and no action this will not change.


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