Perhaps the most productive and informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who knew about future Apple products almost more than all the rest, decided to change specialization. It is reported China business newspaper China Times. Kuo, the numbers in the state the consulting firm KGI Securities, left it on 27 April, to wash off the stigma of “one role” and focus on new areas.

Reports Ming-Chi Kuo regarding future Apple products for many years was the basis for the news industry publications. Thanks to sources in the supply chain, Kuo has been able to stay informed on almost any issue regarding Apple, regularly offering to the court the professional public forecasts, which had wont to be.

The latest forecast, which Kuo had to do as the lead analyst with KGI Securities, for a 6.1-inch iPhone. According to the expert, Apple will equip the new impact-resistant display, made by technology of CGS, which allows to place the sensor in the protective glass. Such decision will allow to reduce the thickness of the display and make it stronger. The price of future trends, I’m sure Kuo, will be around 550-650 dollars.


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