Buyers of Apple smartphones who want to take advantage of the new banking product that will be tied to the “IPhones” as never before. If they want to change the phone, they will have to abandon Card — it will not work with devices from other manufacturers, for example, on Android operating system. In case of loss or damage to “Apple” gadget, the situation is catastrophic: any payments will be possible only when using a physical copy of the card, and Bank account management and completely inaccessible.

Not the first time Apple lures its customers in the infrastructure of “i-devices”, however, the situation with the Bank card unexpectedly raises for fans of company devotion. Once you begin to actively use the Card, they will have a chance to switch to another financial instrument.

Credit card the Apple Card has no maintenance fee, fines for late payments, cashback up to 3% without restrictions on the amount of charges, as well as the possibility to completely abandon the physical card. Since the summer of 2019 it will be available only in the U.S., the launch in other countries yet to be confirmed. Partners Apple when creating the service became Bank Goldman Sachs and payment system Mastercard.

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