Apple is not the only company facing a sharp drop in the demand for their devices at the end of 2018. Fresh statistics shows, writes Business Insider that all producers is becoming increasingly difficult to convince consumers to replace working old smartphone for a new one.

Bank Credit Suisse shared with clients assessment of the current situation on the market of smartphones and the forecast for the near future. The conclusions of the analysts are disappointing: the market is now literally in free fall. “Bottom is not visible,” warns the Bank.

Credit Suisse has revised the forecast of production of smartphones in the last three months of 2018 — it is expected that in comparison with the same period in 2017, the decline is 3% to 357 million units. But really sharply, the market will begin to fall in the first quarter of 2019: 19% to 289 million
That is, the volume of production will be at a record low since 2013-year level. It should be noted that the rate of production of smartphones in the first quarter has been falling for five consecutive years — the major new items appear in the spring and fall, and peak sales traditionally falls on the last months of the year.

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