Consumers are buying the new Apple tablets.

Over the past two weeks, it became known that some iPad Pro 2018 can be slightly bent right out of the box. However, despite wide coverage in the media, buyers are not deterred. Statistics show sales of the iPad Pro, the tablet continues to be successfully and massively bought up.

Sales statistics iPad Pro has shared the resource specialists Thinknum, which analyzed the demand for new Apple tablets to the largest online trading platform Best Buy. Graphs showing the progress of the iPad Pro, demonstrate that there is no sharp decline of interest of buyers to the tablets no.

It is noteworthy that the decline in sales was really — it occurred a week after the publication of the blogger jerryrigeverything once scandalous video, which shows how easy to bend the iPad Pro 2018 due to its ultra-slim casing. But after a small dip in sales demand recovered and began to stay on the same level until the end of December.

Note that the same video from jerryrigeverything once caused a lot of controversy, not only among ordinary users. Even many experts have defended Apple, saying that if there is any tablet to try to break the two hands with force, he will surely pursue. And so, with the use of two hands, the blogger in the video and managed to bend the iPad Pro 2018 in half.

Source: Thinknum.


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