Custom review Huawei P30 Pro with jokes and meme
Being a man who for the last six months used Huawei P20 is SLR camera, I was mildly intrigued by that show, the Chinese company with the thirtieth ruler. But so vivid carousel of emotions from the use of Huawei P30 Pro I did not expect and could not expect. My fears were confirmed, not confirmed hope, there was the ambition, the pleasure I got with a vengeance, but at the end of the path was at a crossroads.

In the box with your smartphone you can find a lot of interesting things, including a super-powerful charge at 40 W and a complete headset with a Type-C on one end. But included were missing the most important adapter to mini-Jack with USB Type-C.

Also missing, and silicon case. But in the clear version, it would be perfect. Why?

Because Huawei P30 Pro slippery! And beautiful. Option in black color, for example, has an olive iridescence. Yes, and other colors ranging from pink to classic series Aurora Blue, good anyway, and the more twist, the better. Plus — moisture standard IP68, of course. Minus — mini-Jack, although the usual P30 he left.

The display at P30 Pro — OLED with a resolution of FullHD+ and support HDR10+. The advantages are many, including curved glass on the edges of the display. The situation was similar at Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and I asked, until sagnotti will not be used programmatically, like Sony or Samsung.

So, in Pro P30 is not used so far. Spent opportunity? Still. But the display itself is good, there is nothing to say. The outstanding brightness, contrast, rich colors, Podebrady fingerprint scanner and a subtle keyhole at the top.

The display at the Huawei P30 Pro pumped… weird. Well, if you compare with Mate 20 Pro. The quality is still amazing, hooked on the edges of the OLED, support HDR10+. However, the resolution is 4K, as in Mate, now only FullHD+. Boldly, boldly, what else can I say. It is not clear, but safely. The diagonal, by the way, 6.47 inches, so to use it with one hand is possible, but impossible. I mean, depends on the hands.

Iron — still HiSilicon Kirin 980. I would like to have some Kirin 1080 Ti, but it is what it is. Performance is still the same 300K in tests AnTuTu, still elusive 60 FPS on maximum settings in Fortnite, still super-responsive OS.

RAM 6 to 8 GB of permanent memory up to 256 GB + support of strange format nanoSD. It costs twice the price of microSD, but the variability is nice. I wish I could trim microSD to nanoSD… Or can you? Write in the comments, place your bets.

With the old system-on-chip (half-year to SoC is like forty years like a dog, if that) creep up and the old data transfer. Not that it was bad, on the spot Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, infrared port and GPS/GLONASS. Support audio codecs luxury — BLE, SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC, HWA Audio, plus finally brought the effects of Dolby Digital wireless ears. However, included was missing the adapter to 3.5 mm mini-Jack, although still had a hard Type-C headphones-tracing from Apple branded devices.

Huawei P30 Pro runs on proprietary shell EMUI 9.0 for Android 9.0. On personal impressions it is on par with MIUI 10, but inferior to the OneUI from Samsung. With the ninth version of Huawei started to walk along the slippery tracks. Was with ends locked bootloader, hiding behind vague clichés about safety. Constantly active Hyper-aggressive power saving mode that cannot be disabled or set.

And Yes, the latest smartphone is one of the hardiest of the flagships today, and one of the few that can survive two days of active work. Plus — fast wired, good wireless and back wired charging in the presence and memory at the 40 watt.

But again, the user has no choice. Get used to the fact that background apps simply will not send notification, because crazy energoekonomika will kill them without your knowledge. It would seem, why such an approach, those 6/8 GB of RAM…

And no, it bothers me not the this approach, and the fact that it is impossible to do anything but to accept and enjoy. I know one company from Cupertino that the same approach is practiced… Not a fan, so to speak.

What else? The scanner under the screen is. Multimedia speaker is good but no stereo sound, no speaker spoken. Instead, the vibrating area of the screen. It perfectly suppresses noise when talking, but if you need a super multimedia device, fig-vamm, as they say.

And now — the question of the century. Is Huawei P30 Pro king of mobile photography? Given a set of four camera modules, one of which is that generally useless. Given that the main camera module is equipped with a unique RYYB-sensor. Given that the second module super-shirik, and the third is actually a periscope with optical zoom up to 5x without losing quality…

Given all this, the best camera is the Huawei P30 Pro? Depends on how you take photos. Smartphone — the king and God of night shooting, no Pihali and Apple and some do not lie. Sasmung already have a variable diaphragm involuntarily shrinks when he thinks of P30 Pro. In STANDARD mode, the flagship Huawei makes night photos as in NIGHT MODE no other smartphone can not do. Figure ISO, sorry, up to 400,000 can be put, and that some SLR only dream of. And Yes, sometimes photos turn out overexposed, but this is rare.

In terms of Zuma — P30 Pro is still the best. He and no competition especially from the current flagship, the OPPO Reno with its 10x optical zoom is far over the hill. What else is there? The Galaxy S10 Plus the maximum zoom of 10x and digital crop. At P30 Pro 10x zoom hybrid, with almost no loss of quality. Maximum kropowki — 50s, but even with him it’s easy to read, say, the inscription on the building crane, being half a kilometer away.

There are a couple of chips, like macro photography, which in which century made a separate mode, and now do not need to rely on lagany AI, so she joined. Stabilization at P30 Pro optical on two modules at the same time, plus digital, plus the forces of artificial intelligence, so that even when zoomed 50x your drunken hands of an alcoholic will be able to remove the spots on the moon. Right now I’m not even kidding, because judge for yourself.

And here you have three positions — night, sumova and macro photography. In these positions Huawei P30 Pro crown holds confidently. The rest of it competitors particularly not a threat. Working with color, as usual, super-aggressive, and if Integramedica luscious food will be the norm, the next Pixel 3 or XS, the iPhone, or even Samsung Plus built-in Huawei S10-Photoshop (Hua-shop?) looks out of place. In General, the exact colors don’t wait, even with a disabled assistant AI.

Video is worse than 20 Pro Mate, I’m not even kidding. Stabilization in 4K 30 FPS twitch as Robocop in aspic, blurry at night, too sad. Frontalka — though 32 MP, but without autofocus and without 3D effects. Mode bokeh, but… let’s just Say he is no better and no worse than the Nokia 8.1. Of professional settings of video not, the ability to lock the exposure there, so pray to Krishna, the light in the video was homogeneous, otherwise hell will see in the highlights.

Insights? The camera is the Huawei Pro P30 is not finished software. Everything about the module, Time of Flight, does not operate normally. Promised at the presentation feature 3D scanning of real objects are not available. Due to the ToF module P30 Pro quality bokeh effect had the SLR with a portrait lens in the tea to your nose, but it is not.

There is no video mode two modules cameras at the same time. And I’m not even sure what will happen if corporations are all good, they won’t lift a finger to fix the schools. And P30 Pro is a bestseller worldwide. And I will be very happy to be wrong if it’s all the will soon appear. But if it appears together with the release of Mate 30 Pro, or even will not ever — I would not be surprised. Disappointed, but not surprised.

Sobstvennno, not just Dx0Mark put Huawei Pro P30 is only slightly higher than the P20 Pro, but in terms of movie flagship even lost 20 Pro Mate! Camera very highly specialized, and where they subside, competitors no chance left. Well, the lack of the promised chips sad.

Summing up

Huawei P30 Pro is the flagship with all the consequences. It is beautiful, powerful, modern, to use it is unreal fun, and some aspects like autonomy and individual chips of the camera, the moment is absolutely unsurpassed. The trouble is that Huawei delivers the nasty signals, and it seems to me that the company could turn into Apple with Chinese characteristics.

That is, not knocking the price, walk away from the versatility of Android, to deprive users of the familiar settings, but a different part of the promised options at the start of sales does not add at all and to make it all flashy appearance, elegance and, in fact, outstanding chips. And if I was wrong, it would be a tragedy, because I love Huawei. And Huawei P30 Pro can fall in love easily. This is a phenomenal smartphone. Sorry, that is not ideal.

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