Customers Mail the Bank’s Visa cardholders had the opportunity to use the contactless payments service, Apple Pay. Clients can connect to the service with a credit or debit card through the app “Mail Bank” (starting with version 3.0. X) or the Wallet specified in the message of the credit organization.

In stores to pay using Apple Pay, you can SE iPhone, the iPhone 6 and later models and the Apple Watch.

Also, Apple Pay allows you to make purchases in apps and on websites with a single touch of your finger to Touch ID or double click the side button and look at the iPhone X to confirm using Face ID. When making purchases in the app or in Safari, Apple Pay works on iPhone 6 and newer models, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and more new models. You can also use Apple Pay in Safari on any Mac older than 2012 release installed on the computer system macOS Sierra, while confirming the payment with the iPhone 6 or newer, or directly on the Apple Watch, as well as with the finger to the Touch ID on the new MacBook Pro.

“Security and privacy are at the core of Apple Pay. When you add a credit or debit card to Apple Pay, the actual card numbers are not stored on the device nor on Apple servers. Instead, it is assigned a unique number, device account, which is encrypted and securely stored in the chip’s Secure element on your device. Each transaction is authenticated through a unique one-time secret code that is generated dynamically”, — underlined in the message of Mail of the Bank.

“The Mail clients of the Bank who have Visa card can make online banking a free virtual Visa card-add it to Apple Pay and use all the benefits and features of the service”, — says member of the Board, Director of development of electronic business Mail Bank A. Maslennikov.


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