Datalogic, a global leader in the markets of automatic data collection and industrial automation introduced a new line of data collection devices with wireless charging function on the exhibition NRF (National Retail Federation) Big Show 2019 in new York.

Today Datalogic is the first manufacturer of data collection devices that offers wireless charging via Qi technology on mobile computers and hand scanners. Most of the major manufacturers of consumer technology, including Apple, Samsung, Google, use Qi wireless charging in their devices, which provides many benefits for consumers. Datalogic provides the same benefits to their customers, increasing service life, improving reliability of the charging, eliminating the need to use special charger and much more in their protected devices used in retail trade.

Industrial hand held mobile computer Memor™ 10 is the first in a new family of secure devices based on Android™ with wireless charging and mobile services of Google in a slim, compact form factor, with the latest imaging technology, 2D bar codes and images, ensuring high performance scanning. Endorsed by Google as one of the first devices, recommended for use in enterprises, in the framework of the Android Enterprise Recommended Program for protected devices.

A hand-held mobile computer Memor™ 1 for retail — Android OS device™ for use in retail with wireless charging and mobile services Google. This data collection terminal is the ideal partner for such applications, retail sales support, price management, replenishment of shelves, inventory, etc.

Wireless scanner Gryphon™ 4500 is the industry’s first handheld scanner with wireless charging. It is equipped with the most advanced megapixel sensor and a warm white light for superior performance.

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