The fingerprint scanner is built right into the display.

South Korean company Samsung has registered a patent covering the key features of the Galaxy S10. The smartphone will receive the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, as reported by formerly known insider.

In the description to the patent of January 28, 2018 marked the overall design of the smartphone, and given a diagram of a fingerprint scanner, which will appear in a new Samsung smartphone. Given type fingerprint sensor, as well as the features of its functioning, no doubt can not be. Galaxy S10 will actually have a fingerprint sensor used to detect the fingerprint technology of ultrasound.

While in the accompanying images the patent also emphasizes the ability to position the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner just below the display, but in a different place. On one of the flowcharts shows the location of the scanner on the side. This may indicate one of the modifications of the Galaxy S10 with the side of the fingerprint sensor.

Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S10 with the 3D-sensor can collect much more information than optical fingerprint sensor. As a result, the recognition accuracy will reach a new level, and the probability of break-in and theft of personal data will be virtually eliminated.

Source: Phonearena


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