But the lock continues to be a huge attention of the authorities.

Deputy head of the Ministry of digital development, communication and mass communications Alexey Volin said that blocking the Internet is not efficient. According to him, blocking will sooner or later have to be abandoned because more and more people bypass them without even noticing.

Wolin called blocking in the Internet, “leaving nature”, which in the future they would have to give. The reason is that people without much difficulty circumvent any restrictions, including those set at the legislative level.

He stressed that such situation not only in Russia. As an example he cited China, where officially blocked Telegram and WhatsApp freely used by anyone. Note that in Russia, also officially forbidden Telegram, but according to statistics, the number of messenger users continues to grow.

Inefficiency of locks largely due to the fact that the developers of prohibited services or web sites easily bypass bans. For the same Telegram messenger regularly published updates that allow you to fully use the mobile app and the desktop client without the need to include a proxy or VPN.

Source: RIA.


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