Finally, the “bangs” that piss everyone off in smartphones began to gradually decrease and turn into a hole in the screen. Not the fact, however, that such “innovation” will manage to master the Apple that porridge and brewed. But really who would have thought! — the newly intensified “race of megapixels”. Smartphones with 40 megapixels will become the norm. And there will be many.


From Xiaomi, we expect a whole heap of different models in each line, which the Chinese have produced already too much. But please queries almost every conceivable buyers. For example, one of the best smartphones in terms of price and quality, Pocophone, will be continued in the form Pocophone F2 — and it is, according to experts, will get the main camera with a resolution of 38 megapixels.

At the end of February we are waiting for the flagship Mi 9, and later “Deputy leader” Mi Note 4 and budget camera phone with a clean Android Mi A3. Mi 9 will receive the main camera on the 48 MP and two more on 13 and 16 Megapixel, and also the new Snapdragon 855 with (presumably) 10 GB RAM. While all this will cost some mid-priced Samsung Galaxy.

Is extra low-cost Redmi 5A Saami is preparing an even more stripped-down (and cheaper) Redmi Go, and for those who give cool features inexpensive, already out Redmi Note 7.


Its new smartphone, Honor View 20, the Chinese have been released recently, so that already makes no sense to wait — read the review and decide whether to buy the most expensive mass Honor in the history of the brand.

And ahead Havea mandatory program — update on flagship Huawei P30. Most likely, the P30 is three-chambered, with one of the photo modules with optical zoom. Well, the resolution of 40 megapixels — it is the expected option.

Huawei will continue to work on improving my night shots (however, I can once again see that the “night snapshot” and “snapshot in low light” — not always the same) and possibilities of artificial intelligence. The main question will be whether the Chinese are again to go forward the camera quality of the competitors (P20 Pro remains the best camera phone according to some ratings), and whether improvements in autonomy/quality of the screen in the “simple” P30, which can “crop” functionally in the bad old traditions of Huawei. In processors, you know, no revolution — will feed us all the same Kirin 980 sample “autumn 2018” and, perhaps, attach to it a module for 5G networks, which almost never occur in nature.


Samsung recently experiencing a creative crisis and is starting to lose popularity, so we hope that Koreans were aware of their problems and will be able to rectify the situation. In the end, we are talking about the “jubilee” flagship — Galaxy S10. And “bonus” in the form of the first flexible smartphone from Samsung (and one of the first foldable smartphone in the world) — new single-standing model, because the experimental technology lays the Golden eggs the leader is not tested. A standard S10, as published Honor View 20, instead of “bangs” is “the hole” for the front camera in the screen.

Also Samsung already probably will soon publish the official data with regards to Galaxy M20 — model with 5000 mAh battery.

Later will be presented Galaxy Note 10 is likely on the newest processor from Samsung (in some regions, among which will certainly be Russia) — Exynos 9285. In the worst case — Exynos 9280.

Without a doubt, the main competitor of Samsung in the Korean market will present this year’s sequel to the flagship line of the G in LG G8. The announcement may take place at MWC, but now the company hints at an innovative way to control your smartphone with the phrase: “Goodbye, touch”.

The most obvious — we are waiting for the system gesture control without having to touch the smartphone. In principle, it may even be useful, but there is no doubt that it is “off”. Since a complete switch to touchscreen and multi-touch, no innovation in this area is not caught — not 3D Touch from Apple, no tapping from the same LG or flicking the eyes from Samsung. Moreover, we note that the functions do not take root not only because of the poorly implemented and buggy (like Samsung), but because they are simply not needed by the user.

If you escape from software innovations, LG G8 will be a very boring smartphone with “just” a CPU “just” for the cameras without much progress in autonomy compared to the LG V30+/G7, with “bangs” and the ordinary design. However, rumor has it that instead of folding case LG will release a plug-in screen module, only that rather hard to believe after the failure of the modular LG G5 in 2016.


In General, Nokia 9 we were expecting last year, but the model was never released — instead, it presented 8 Nokia Sirocco. The first smartphone with pentamerous have to show, but, at the end of January.

With flagship characteristics of the expected price in the region of 800 euros (60 thousand roubles), and pentamer, as we have already mentioned, it may be helpful to use different functions, from simple photos to optical zoom (and can be two cameras with different zoom levels), wide-angle camera, monochrome, etc. the Complete set of the photographer in the case of a single smartphone.

Sony we are waiting for the update as the flagship of the line in the form of Xperia XZ4, and adding to the ranks of the “middle self” — XA3 and XA3 Ultra. Top XZ4 quite probably will get the latest Snapdragon processor 855, triple rear camera and a screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9 (well, very wide).

The main thing XA3 Ultra will be a frameless screen with a diagonal of 6.5 inches commercials (in General, “shovel”, we will pack the size of a standard smartphone). As “normal” XA3, Ultra will refer to the average price category, but because the flagship “iron” and the camera here can not wait.


“Fruit” the company once again makes a fortune over the indices of the new smartphones. It is clear that the next iPhones will be shown in September, and they need to be better-faster, there is still some important function will be removed, as now they have adopted, will likely add a third camera. Nevertheless, it remains a mystery the title.

Modern iPhone XS, Max XS, XR — upgraded iPhone X, the name of which “X” means “10 years”, that is, the anniversary of the first iPhone, and S is a traditional Supplement for the intermediate models produced in a year. So in the line of iPhone X was the twelfth, if you count only on the basic models, except for 5C and SE. But okay, even the expense of for iPhones has never been something important, besides the iPhone 4, which really was the fourth.

But what’s next? Let me remind you, Apple still did not use the number “9”, but it is unlikely that it will return — it will be perceived as the movement back. You can, of course, is to go to 11 (or XI), but will once cumbersome: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Plus (11 Max). Another option, like Sony continue to add letters or numbers to letters. Type: XS2, XS2 Max XR2. Or, XSZ, XSZ Max. A surefire way to turn a simple and intuitive title in the analogue notation notebook models: 14hxz825pkq.

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