Designer Hasan Kaymak created an alternative version of the iPhone Xl, which informed criticism struck many Internet users. The video appeared on YouTube, said the website “Reuters”.

Earlier in the Network have leaked the design of the new iPhone. Many did not like it began a storm of criticism. But Hasan Kaymak decided not only to prohibit manufacturers from Apple, but also suggested his vision of the smartphone.

The designer has offered to make concept background in slider format. According to his idea, instead of the oblong cutout in the screen (“the unibrow”/”Bang”) there was a traveling court. On it are the earpiece, front camera and sensors system Face ID.

In addition, the designer offered to equip the iPhone Xl Slide separate switch dark iOS design, removable back cover, USB connector Tupe-C, and the vertical camera unit triple-ringed flash. In addition, the author of the idea built into the smartphone fingerprint scanner — it he had placed under the screen.

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