Recently, Apple made developers not too pleasant gift. As noted by the cupertinos, macOS 10.14.5 they will update the technology Gatekeeper. After the update, developers will need to assure all applications for Apple’s desktop platform. And this applies to both the applications and updates.

Cupertinos assure that the process of certification of applications will take developers a lot of time. They just have to send your code to Apple, and the automated system will scan it for malicious elements. If no problems, then you will receive a digital signature, which “inform” the Gatekeeper that the application is safe.

Recall that Apple expanded a security system macOS in the last year. Until recently, however, cupertinos did not require the developers of any additional manipulations.

It is assumed that the system of certification of applications will be useful to all – both ordinary users and developers. First, additional testing will improve the security of the system. And secondly, it will prevent the use of unauthorized software versions.


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