If Apple has full control over its hardware, Microsoft can not boast. However, now Microsoft will have control on the same level as Apple, and this will help manufacturers of Windows-based PC. The company’s goal is to protect devices against attacks on the firmware, which privileges higher than the Windows kernel.

Microsoft is a manufacturer of not only software but also hardware. Having learned by the example of the Xbox hacking lessons of technical means of copyright protection (DRM), the company intends to apply the experience to the Windows ecosystem in a new initiative Secured-core, said partnership Director for Windows security David Weston (David Weston) edition ZDNet.

The initiative only applies to the newest models of devices running Windows 10 with Intel, Qualcomm and AMD. Users of high-end devices like laptops, Surface Pro X and HP Dragonfly will get an extra level of protection that isolates the encryption keys and credentials on Windows 10, which may be compromised as a result of the attacks on the firmware.

A new security feature firmware System Guard will be part of Windows Defender. This feature is designed to protect Windows 10 from the attacks of a cybercriminal group APT28 (another name for Fancy Bear), which in the Arsenal is the world’s first working computer UEFI.

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