The whole world is saying about globalization and the need to establish relations with other countries, but with no available mobile communication this is not so simple. Cancel international roaming no hurry, so we have traveling the world or flying on business trips to other countries to overpay or buy a local SIM card. But now it’s all in the past: service Dimsim destroyed roaming at the flick of a finger.

Dimsim is, in fact, universal international SIM card is very good as rates on calls to Russia and mobile Internet. No longer have to save on communication and the fear that the operator will send you a bill with four or even five zeros. Rates in Dimsim strictly defined, without pitfalls and hidden factors. Jimsim is a set of physical SIM cards and mobile applications for Apple iOS and Google Android, which is possible in real time track balance with a precision of seconds and megabytes. And not to guess, how much is a bond in one country or another, the app will immediately show its value.

Dimsim operates in 197 countries, and learn the value of communication in the desired region on the official website of the project. The SIM card costs only 10 euros, plus you need to put another 5 € on the account, and you can forget about what roaming charges. But you can not put the 5 Euro is enough to recommend Dimsim friend, acquaintance or relative, and after replenishing their account, the service will give you 5 euros.

To register the card directly to the official website and have it delivered by courier within 1-7 days depending on the region of residence. In addition, familiarize yourself with the operation of the service is completely free — the app contains a demo mode.

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