“Got a new iPhone, prepare a kidney” — this grim joke of the social networks has become a reality for a young man from China. As a teenager, he sold his kidney on the black market to buy a smartphone from Apple, after what was essentially bedridden.

25-year-old Chinese citizen surnamed Wang, remained bedridden invalid, in need of constant care, after they decided to sell one of my kidneys to buy iPhone and iPad. Reported by the Daily Mail.

When Wang was 17 years old, he decided to buy a “Apple” gadgets to impress their classmates. However, his parents did not have enough money to buy his son an expensive smartphone or tablet.

On one of the Chinese forums Vang contacted three mediators, who promised him to fulfill his dream in exchange for one kidney.

The teenager had a secret from the parents to go to a neighboring province, where the doctor in the underground clinic performed the operation to remove the organ.

The mediators agreed with some recipient who paid 150 thousand yuan for the transplant and $10 thousand for kidney. While Wang paid a total of 22 thousand yuan — 10% of total revenue.

For the money, the teenager bought the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, and then returned home. Mother Wang learned about the questionable transaction only after seeing his son with gadgets that he could not afford. After she found out that Wang had lost the kidneys, the woman called the police.

Soon after the operation Wang quickly deteriorated. He began to suffer from kidney failure and was recognized as invalid.

At the moment, seven years after removal of the kidneys, the life of 25-year-old man has changed dramatically — now he is forced to lie in bed all day because he needed daily dialysis.

Wang had to quit his studies and now he lives on one book.

According to the Daily Mail, in China flourishing illegal online trade of organs. According to official statistics, the news Agency Xinhua, over 1.5 million Chinese people suffer from dysfunction of an organ, and 300 million of them can save transplantation.

However, only about 10 thousand people find the right on formal and seek operations.

It’s the beliefs — few Chinese are willing to donate their organs after death, as it is believed that without them people will not be able to fully enjoy the afterlife. This has led to the emergence of a large number of black markets are ready to trade with desperate patients and their relatives.

In April 2012, nine people involved in the illegal operation Wang was sentenced to prison. Three intermediaries, who organized the transplant, received five years and two doctors for three years.

The Wang family had received 1.47 million yuan in compensation, which however will not be able to return the young person to normal life.

A few years ago, Apple products were really the most desirable gadgets in China, but most people could not afford to buy the iPhone due to its high cost — the starting price of this smartphone is often equal to the monthly salary of an office employee in a major city.

In recent years, the “Apple fever” began to slowly fade and there were several reasons — first of all, a technological leap in the production of many Chinese manufacturers of smartphones. Phones from Huawei or Xiaomi have become popular among Chinese citizens, as they are much cheaper than Apple, but can compete in quality with the iPhone on equal terms.

In addition, Apple initially sets a high standard for their products, and over time it becomes harder to match them.

Now companies more and more difficult to surprise their fans every year and to compete with other vendors. Even worldwide sales of smartphones Apple is not in the first place, behind South Korean and Chinese manufacturers.

In early January it became known that the American brand will reduce the production of all iPhone models by 10% in the first quarter of 2019. Among the reasons that led to this decision, is called, in particular, decline in demand for iPhone in China.

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