You should not believe such reports.

In Runet actively disseminate information about what mobile operators MTS, MegaFon and Tele2 will soon be closed. News about it appears everywhere, because of what the subscribers of the operators are beginning to worry much. Fortunately, this information about.

“Yellow”, Russian media spread false news that in Russia are expected to change operators. Approval of information resources, operators MTS, MegaFon and Tele2 will replace a new public operator “Sphere”. Such a statement does is created, its key feature will be the widest coverage.

But that “Scope” will be replaced by other operators, of course, not all believe. However, some Russians took the information “yellow” of the media for the truth. In order to dispel any doubts, we asked the press service of the operators where we were told that even if the operator is “Sphere” will be launched, it will not replace other communication providers. Staff operators urged not to believe such publications.

To our readers we highly recommend you to check the sources. Recently in the Russian Internet published really lot of false information.


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