The main feature will be “Alice”.

Russian analysts revealed the first information on “Yandex.Phone”, the official which was confirmed on July 12. It became known that the first smartphone of the company “Yandex” will be from the mid-market, running Android, and its main “chip” as in “Yandex.The station“will be a voice assistant “Alice”.

Analyst TelecomDaily Ilya Shatilin said that “Yandex” can select “Yandex.Phone” in comparison to other smartphones extended support the voice assistant. In the heart of the smartphone “Yandex” will lie brand assistant “Alice”. It will allow users to fully control the smartphone with voice commands.

“Alice” in “Yandex.Phone” will be able to manage third-party applications and perform unusual tasks. The user will have the opportunity to ask her complex commands, e.g. “Show me photos washi last New Year.”

Analyst Eldar Murtazin from Mobile Research told more details about “Yandex.The phone.” The first smartphone of “Yandex” will work under the operating system Android with all Google services, but the corporate shell of the Russian search engine. “Yandex.The phone” will be produced by a Chinese company.

Murtazin said the probable price “Yandex.Phone” — 20 000 rubles. The release date of the smartphone in 2018.


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