Features of the new iPhone cleared.

The sources of authoritative edition of Bloomberg has shared new information about the upcoming iPhone sample 2018. According to the design of the new iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and 11 Plus iPhone will be almost identical to the iPhone X. Instead of changing the appearance Apple to focus on a substantial increase of the operation speed and improving the quality of the shot smartphones.

As a well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Bloomberg claimed that Apple is preparing three new smartphones:

  • 6.1-inch iPhone with LCD display,
  • 5.8-inch iPhone with OLED display
  • The 6.5-inch iPhone with an OLED display.

All smartphones will have a design in the style of iPhone X. they will Have full-length displays the minimum part-cut the sides of the upper frame and support function of facial recognition Face ID. The 5.8 – and 6.5-inch iPhone with OLED displays will be almost identical to iPhone X in terms of design.

In this regard, Apple has even thought to call smartphones “iPhone Xs” to indicate that new products are improved versions of iPhone X. Also, Bloomberg reported that Apple is considering a waiver of the consoles in the “Plus” in the name of a 6.5-inch model. With what is the desire of the Apple is not specified. Major improvements in iPhone iPhone 11 and 11 Plus will be associated with the performance — it could increase by 30%, and cameras — the picture quality will increase significantly.

As for the 6.1-inch available iPhone 9 with a liquid crystal display, in General it will also be very similar to the iPhone X. the Only major difference will be to use the aluminum frame, which will connect the front and rear glass body of the smartphone. The new iPhone with OLED displays, these frames are made of surgical stainless steel like the iPhone X.

In addition, Bloomberg has confirmed that Apple will release iPhone 9 in several new colors. The publication said that the aluminum frame will not be painted in the color of the buildings. Because of this Apple can save on the production of the smartphone even more.

And finally, the release of a new iPhone with dual SIM also confirmed by a trusted source. However, such models come with two “SIM cards” in “some regions”.

Source: Bloomberg.


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