New “Yandex” will appear very soon.

The company “Yandex” has developed its first smartphone “Yandex.Phone” and is ready to present a novelty. According to several sources, “Yandex” will present “Yandex.Telephone” on Monday, November 19. According to these sources, the smartphone will be 19 990 rubles.

The company will start selling smartphone exclusively on their own, as it happens with the smart column “Yandex.Station.” “Yandex.Telephone” will go on sale at retailers “M. Video” and “Beeline”.

At the moment, the exact timing of the start of sales, however, are not called. The company “Yandex” will specify them directly in the course of the presentation. According to sources, “Yandex.The phone” will be sold at a recommended price of 19 990 rubles.

Earlier it became known that “Yandex.The phone” will get the 5.65-inch display with Full HD resolution+ modern OCTA-core processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, NFC module for performing contactless payments and integration with a voice assistant “Alice”.

Source: Statements.


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