Nobody doubted.

Display iPhone XS Max has such perfect features that he had received the title of “best” screen among all smartphones in the world. This is evidenced by the study conducted by experts of DisplayMate company. The experts noted that the 6.5-inch display of the iPhone XS Max set of characteristics looks much better than the displays of devices from other manufacturers. The smartphone has received the highest rating of A+ on a scale of DisplayMate for excellent color reproduction, excellent brightness and contrast.

IPhone screen XS Max has absolute accuracy 0.8 JNCD. For this indicator, the smartphone display is close to perfect and bypasses the previous leader of the rating Galaxy Note9. The maximum brightness of the iPhone screen XS Max is placed in the indicator 660 nits. This is significantly higher than most screens, made on technology OLED. The brightness of the desktop 6.5-inch giant more — 725 nits.

In addition, in the manufacture of the iPhone screen XS Max was introduced “know-how” — a special flexible OLED matrix. Its use has allowed to increase the overall strength of the smartphone screen, which virtually eliminates the formation of cracks in the fall.

Source: DisplayMate


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