Displays some iPhone XS turned out to be worse than the iPhone X and XS Max

No matter how much effort had been spent by Apple to develop the iPhone display XS to please 100% of consumers will still fail. Even if it will be called an ideal laboratory experts DisplayMate, still there are those who will notice flickering or those who are not satisfied with the color reproduction. By the way, the latter was more likely, forcing to doubt the high quality OLED panels, which the manufacturer equips its flagship smartphones in 2018.

As noted by some iPhone owners on XS, they are faced with incorrect colour display, significantly inferior in quality to the iPhone X. for Example, the white color on the iPhone screen XS looks dirty, while the black is somewhat overexposed, as if the diodes do not extinguish completely, but continues to emit a barely visible glow characteristic of liquid crystal matrices with independent lighting.

XS iPhone or iPhone X whose display is better

the iPhone XS — left, iPhone X to the right; the iPhone XS — left, iPhone X — right

“Dark shades and the contrast is terrible on the iPhone XS, — said the portal user Reddit with nick quitethewaysaway. — While the display of my iPhone X displays a true black color with a high contrast ratio, the iPhone shows grey XS. The black color on his screen seem to be washed, extending to all interface elements”.

iPhone XS iPhone XS or Max — which is better

According to quitethewaysaway, he went through 6 copies of the iPhone XS, but never found a display which does not suffer from unnatural color. At the same time, the author stresses “research” on the iPhone XS is Max, no such problems at all. The screen displays brilliant colors, regardless of the hues of the displayed images, eliminating the probability of failure iOS 12 and explaining a conclusion DislayMate.

The assumption that the problem displays were issued by the company LG Display, which is connected to the production process this year. This is not the first fiasco of a company that had previously supplied IGZO displays for the iPad Mini second generation, sinned in memory.


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