Arsenal forward Andrei Arshavin to the club’s Youtube channel answered questions in blitz mode.

— In the Russian language, the most difficult is…

— … (long pause) Nothing complicated.

— Samurai or ninja?


— Your most beautiful goal?

— Perhaps, “Orenburg”.

— “Scorpion”?


Pancakes with honey or condensed milk?

— Condensed milk, of course.

— Favorite TV show?

— “Breaking bad” (eng. Breaking Bad).

— If you sing karaoke, then…

— Not at all, ill sing.

A favourite Russian dish?

— The soup.

— Snow or rain?

— For football — rain.

— The tortoise or the hare?

— The hare.

Cola or Pepsi?

Is not Cola and not Pepsi.

The first thought when you arrived in Russia?

— Mother!

— Favorite superhero?

— Brother, my brother. He’s A Superhero.

If not in attack, then…

— Only attack.

— The most difficult at the training camp?

— To run.

— Samsung or Apple?

— Apple.

Red or yellow?

Only red and yellow.

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