RBC journalists found out that documents on Google Docs again appear in search results “Yandex”. Google and “Yandex” has announced that it is not a violation.

In early July, 2018, the administrators MDK found in “Yandex” documents from Google Docs. The company then insisted that the error in indexing was not, but still refused to show the documents in the search.

Less than a month, in search of “Yandex” has again become possible to find documents Google Docs. Using advanced search you can find documents for the query “schedule” and “salary”.

“On our side nothing has changed. The documents in question, there are links on the Internet. The documents themselves are not forbidden to be indexed”, — have informed in a press-service “Yandex.

In the search results will only include public documents. This status is assigned to the file when the user creates a public link to share a document with other people. In the Google search of public documents shows.

“There is no indication that our systems tahirou the docs as available on the Network correctly. Search engines should index only those documents which have been deliberately published and marked as available to the public,” — said the press service of Google.

When I first became aware that through search engines, you can find public documents, users found the service files of the companies and passwords. After this incident, all users of Google Docs were encouraged to check the status of documents and protect them with passwords.


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