Documents users of the service Google Docs was free, he was convinced “Vedomosti”. Within a few hours to access files with private information like names, email addresses and phone numbers could be anyone, asking the appropriate query in the search string “Yandex”.

As representatives of “Yandex”, on Wednesday evening, the technical support asked users with complaints about the accessibility of files on Domestic search engine immediately turned to Google with a request to investigate and to protect those users whose privacy may have been violated.

Despite the fact that the search engine indexed the documents were not protected by the privacy settings, “Yandex” gave much more information than Google on the same query. For example, in search results “Yandex” there were text files and tables that were not available when searching via Google.

How to protect Google Docs

A few hours after identifying the problem, “Yandex” has restricted the release of documents from Google Docs. In order to avoid recurrence of similar situations, we strongly recommend to protect the privacy of your documents. You can do this by going to the tab “File” — “sharing”, where to set the password protection.


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