Explorer RIAMA found on Avito the strangest things and services that are offered to Muscovites to rent.

Drinking buddy for an hour
Price: negotiable

Mikhail from Moscow offers a drinking buddy for an hour. The announcement indicated that the companion polite, well read, humorous, able to support any conversation.

“Listen, understand and if necessary to “forgive”. Cheap! Elite!”, — he promises.

“The liver is young, the booze is unpretentious. I know a lot of interesting stories. Know how to cook barbecue,” — said in the announcement.

Michael also notes that he can drink in different styles — “pivas in Japan or in the restaurant in a suit.” In the broad sweep of the PAL is ready to sing with you in karaoke, go to work or home. Services are provided strictly to those who are 18 years of age.

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Groom hire

Price: negotiable

“Gray-eyed Viking” Cyril offers itself rent them as a groom for the “show relatives or colleagues.” Slender scholar with the growth of 190 cm and a weight of 93 kg promises to make an entrance with your hand heels and impress everyone with their expertise. Also on the list of features Cyril — night correspondence, messengers from 300 rubles per hour, the conversations in the tubes, the game on the console in anticafe, and special offers for men “big brother-the boxer” and many more.

Obviously, these services among residents of the capital popular for a month, the ad garnered nearly 5.5 million views.

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Cat charm for newcomers

Price: 5000 rubles

Dogs and cats are often allowed to hire for photo shoots, and here Andrey from Moscow suggests its red Maine Coon as a talisman for moving into a new apartment. According to folk belief, before you move into a new home, you must first let go of cat.

The ad says that the whole process will take half an hour. During this time the owner of the new apartments will be able to officially cut the ribbon and run to a specially trained cat. The price also includes the manufacture of special amulet for the house brownie. The author of the ad guarantees that after this procedure, you can be rest assured about the apartment, because “it will receive the approval of the cat”.

Rent iPhone

Price: from 350 to 810 rubles per day

To show off the new iPhone in front of his classmates, to impress a date, a job interview or a fancy venue, you can hire the iconic smartphone. Rental service things “Arender” offers iPhones on rent without collateral. In the range of only the latest models — from the iPhone to 8 iPhone XS Max.

“You can enter your Apple ID or make a new one. All smartphones perfectly clean, beautiful and with a guarantee of complete removal of data after a lease”, — said in the announcement.

For example, if we take the iPhone for a week, you even will deliver for free within the MKAD, but the delivery in the suburbs would cost almost a thousand rubles.

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Brutal fur coat for men

Price: 2970 rubles

Andrey from Moscow offers to rent men’s coat with wolf for a spectacular public appearance. In his opinion, such a thing is guaranteed to make a splash, to attract the attention of all women and will make any male Hollywood star.

“Your appearance at the event is incredible!”, — says in the ad.

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