But Apple has begun active work on them.

The Department of motor vehicles of California has published official statistics of unmanned vehicles in 2018. According to the published data, drones Apple at the moment is much inferior to the solutions Waymo (part of the holding Alphabet along with Google), and General Motors. Machine Apple switched to manual control every 1,77 km, while cars Waymo every 17 730 km.

Waymo drones were the most Autonomous in 2018. During testing of the employees had to switch them to manual control only every 17 730 km In second place at the independence car Cruise (General Motors), which was held on 8 376 km in Autonomous mode.

Figure Apple drones the worst. Switching to manual control was made every 1,77 km, Apple Representatives explained that such frequent interceptions of control due to the unavailability of drones the company to all situations on the road.

The report also showed that in 2018, Apple began testing unmanned vehicles more actively. 62 drone Apple a year passed and 128.2 thousand kilometers. For comparison, in 2017 this figure was only 1348 miles.

Experts Automotive News said that drones Apple most likely are not much worse decisions from Waymo and Cruise. Possible that Apple tested its unmanned vehicles exclusively in real conditions, not on a specially prepared landfills.

Source: mashable.


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