Telegram in March will start the voice control interface on smartphones with the iOS operating system. This was announced by the founder of the messenger, Pavel Durov in his Twitter account.

“Soon, this feature to work. I’d say in March,” — said Durov to the user question @alisonc42 about when for users of Telegram for iOS will be available to VoiceOver.

VoiceOver — voice support interface created for people with disabilities, according to the official Apple website.

It tells you everything that happens on the screen — what devices the charge level of who is calling and what is the application that opens the user. She also can words describe the picture or to read the text on the picture. Feature can be controlled using gestures.

VoiceOver is compatible with all built-in applications on iOS devices. Apple also works with third-party software developers, so the function was compatible with all apps on Apple devices.

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