The Central Bank of Russia is developing an app that will help you to make online purchases without having to enter credit card data. This is reported by “Izvestia”.

For the creation of applications responsible Association “FINTECH”. For making online shopping a user would have to install the program and associate the card number with e-mail. Then, when purchases of payment details will only need to enter the amount and email address. Other data concerning the Bank card is not required. Developers are taking additional security measures to access e-mail not received attackers. Representatives of the Central Bank of Russia declare that such a service could be launched in 2019.

According to people close to online trading, this initiative will increase the number of online shopping. This will reduce the number of errors and help users faster and easier to purchase different goods.

If developers will be able to solve the problem of insecure passwords, and quite often hacking email addresses of Russian online stores will be able to get a new convenient tool. This system of payment is very popular in other countries, for example, in China and can compete with online wallets.

The Association “Institute” is working on the creation of a system of quick payments. In addition to e-mail, user identification may occur by phone number, for example, for instant transfers to other individuals.


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